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What is Dialup?

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Dialup is a voice-chat app that calls you and connects you to the people you want to stay in touch and connect with. Whether it's everyone you recently met at a conference, your book club, toymakers, poets, or just you and your mom—Dialup will ring your phone on an automated schedule and pair you in a one-on-one conversation.

Imagine this. Every Sunday afternoon at 4pm your phone rings and connects you to one of ten possible friends from a city you used to live in. You don't know which particular friend it is, since it randomly connects you to someone in your Boston friends line.

Or imagine a different scenario. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15pm your phone rings and connects you to another self-employed person working from home and you roleplay as each other's boss.

Or what if you just attended a summit for sci-fi writers and want to connect to other people who attended for the next year. Every Monday evening at 7pm your phone rings and connects you to discuss your novel.


Dialup is the magic of old telephones, before there were robocalls. On the other end of the phone is someone you want to talk to. You have opted in and you'll always know it's a call from a line you've joined. You never need to remember to call someone, because the app calls you.

There are public lines and private lines to join. You can connect with a group of friends, communities you're part of, or people you should meet based on your particular interests. Dialup connects people all over the world.

How to get the calls.

You can download Dialup on iOS or Android. Once you've signed up, explore a variety of public lines, join a private line you've been invited to, or request to become an operator and create your own.

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