Youʼve been invited to a phone call from Koreatown.

Pairs you randomly in a one-on-one voice chat!

How to get the call.

Download the app, create an account, and enter this word:


Your operator is max

Automatically calls you weekly on

Your objective is
A line for residents of Koreatown, Los Angeles.

You can also get Dialup by scanning the QR code with your device.

What is Dialup?

Dialup is the magic of old telephones, before there were robocalls. It’s a voice-chat app that connects you in a recurring call to the people you want to stay in touch and connect with.

Whether it's everyone you recently met at a conference, your book club, toymakers, poets, or just you and your mom—when you join or create a line, Dialup will ring your phone on an automated schedule and pair you randomly in a one-on-one conversation.

Dialup simulates running into someone you’ve been meaning to talk to.


Who will call me?
The app calls you and pairs you with someone else in the ktown line at random.

How will I know it's not a spam caller?
The caller ID will always say "Koreatown". No numbers.

Do I need to use my phone number?
Nope. All you need is an account on the Dialup app.

What if I can't pick up?
That's totally fine. You'll get a call every week.

How do I leave or join the line?
Once you create an account, enter ktown and join the line. You can always leave or rejoin.

Can I make my own line?
Yeah! iOS users can request a line in the app. Android users can email [email protected] to request one.