Become a line operator beta feature

Invite your friends, family, your podcast listeners, your former roommates, your book club, your old metal band, your local telescope enthusiasts meetup, or anyone you want to regularly stay in touch with to join a line. Lines have weekly recurring calls and randomly pair everyone who picks up in a one-on-one chat. Fill out the form below and we'll create a code for you to share!

What is Dialup?

Dialup is a voice-chat app that calls you and connects you to the people you want to stay in touch and talk to. It rings your phone on an automated schedule, gives you a prompt, and pairs you in a one-on-one conversation.
Dialup is the magic of old telephones, before there were robocalls. On the other end of the phone is someone you want to talk to. You have opted in and you'll always know it's a call from a line you've joined. You never need to remember to call someone, because the app calls you.
There are public lines and private lines to join. You can connect with a group of friends, communities you're part of, or people you should meet based on your particular interests. Dialup connects people all over the world.
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